Uni of Herts: SEM A & B 2015-16

Level 4 /                       

studio development


IMG_0699 (2)_edited.jpg

warm up project:

Introduction to the course and demonstration of various ways to response to subjects in different forms.


       Photography   [click to view]

& live installation


   A  Collaborative     project event:

untitled, 2015

mixed media, 33.1 x 46.8 in

This mixed media collage is an image of a sculpture that has been manipulated, which was originally a sketch turned into a sculptural object then a digital one and then its finalised form.

media inductions

: printmaking

: oil painting

: photography


oil on paper 

8.27 x 11.69 in


monoprint on newsprint

16.5 x 23.4 in

An experiment with printmaking of subjects taken from a film still.

:      still life using oil paint to do a colour study introduce me to a media that I am unfamiliar with and these inductions are significant.

independent studio practise:

: studio practise starts with paintings of a chosen subject matters and experiments with different media.

untitled, 2015

oil pastel on paper

8.27 x 11.69 in

: a study of a beef's carcass, also looking at Rembrandt and Chaim Soutine's carcass series of paintings.

 Different media is used to experiment with highlighting the flesh and the rawness of the subjects.

A different subject is then chosen to change my approach in capturing a flesh concept, looking at Chardin's The Ray, 1728 still life painting.

Fleshonmeatonfleshonmeat, 2015

oil on paper, 11.69 x 16.53 in


The study is then developed into a staged scene using a photograph that I have taken to explore the relationship between the 2 fleshes.

The series of photographs can be view on

fmfm concept photography.

 the 'ageing' matter of meat , 2015

this concept is then moved onto exploring a decaying / ageing nature of living subjects by observing someone that I know closely.


For the second semester of the year, I decided to take upon a different media to explore the potential of my concept and to move away from my usual way of working.

Moving Images

Performative Portrait Project, 2016


Performative Portrait Project, 2016

This is a performance piece of myself channelling my alter ego, named Fish. 

For more details, visit gallery or click here.

This is a performance piece of myself channelling my own alter ego, named Fish. For more details, visit gallery or click here.

Performative Staging Event, 2016

 Powerpoint projection

 on loop

[Click to view]

IMG_0699 (2).jpg

A continued development of the portrait project that turned into a video piece, view under moving images, or click here.

video induction project:

The video is created as a recording of movements merging with it's surrounding, and getting familiar with the media.   

i, 2016 captures the performance of a narcissistic behaviour, playing on an emphasis on dialogues.


It is a concept explored along with the installation, a continued development from the staging event.

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