Daily activities  in space:

Entrance / Exit

Main Area

Area 1

Area 2

Area 1./3

Area 2/3

Dark Space




Aimless chores/ wander 

before leaving:

prolonged planning for the next 20 minutes of the right thing to be doing 

- Dior 

- Bag from COS

- Bubble Tea 

- Studio

Should I walk, or cycle. 

the will to cycle is stronger despite the weather

Set off after 15 minutes of standing in the middle of the room, decided on cycling.

then have quite clear aim on heading to boots for Dior 

 - no luck

Then decided on a left turn into the mall, finding my way to Selfridges.

- no luck either

time spent having to no luck finding what I want, whilst being conscious of  my appearance at the same time

walked back to the bike, pied off the bubble tea plan

Then cycled off to studio with the usual route, whilst looking out to see whether i could catch COS at all, but that is also not pursued.

dropped bag off in studio, then went back out to look for cafe for some coffee. Instead of going to find one that i know, ended up taking a even longer route and backtrack to before studio and found one.

walked out of the cafe with the first bell ringing at the strike of noon.