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17/10/19 - 03/11/19
PINS: Moods & Noods Staged happening: material dispenser

Recorded footage: viewer initiating event

Footage: exhibition 

Footage: A few days after the spilled dough crystallised and set on a form.

Event transcript:

The event started with the launch of the exhibition, which span for 2 weeks. Throughout this time frame, this event has unfold initiated by the viewer and then on its own, whose form has drastically changed since. The images and videos recorded its progressive form, starting with it being a stand alone structure filled with liquid acting as a 'material dispenser' that you would find in a warehouse/ workshop in a slanted position, which easily caused viewer to be cautious and curious at the same time.

Viewer can choose to interact with it however they want, prompted by the set of 'regulation' that has drafted for this piece. Push, squeeze or kick and spilling the material inside onto the concrete floor. Thus, transforming the piece from its original status. The spilled liquid on the ground eventually grew as more content were being emptied out of the bag. When it finally stopped, the liquid started setting into a semi-solid crystallised state, then it started to shrivelled up and directing its own form as we have no control over it how it developed as material, then finally as a flexible form. The spillage has taken up most of the walkway to the other space, where viewer are actually stepping onto the spillage whilst looking at the exhibition, without noticing they have. These unintentional interaction has created mostly shocked, disgusted and panic response and left clear imprints of their existence within the work itself. The event was a history in the making for the exhibition. 

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