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Products are all handmade and 100% organic, all consist of their own individuality in forms and hardness.

These living products are made to be submerged in oil-based liquid as a preservation method, they are constantly 'growing' in a defunct present.

Its ambiguous growth and changes can be affected by each other in the same space, we provide air column bags as the casing to better observe these forms that progress outside of time. Start growing your own with ComingSpring.

Warehouse Preparation Log

ComingSpring Kit



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Pre-made products are available to view here.

Preparation log & catalogue are available to view onsite to keep track of production progress.

(Oct 2019) Product Distribution Centre: 

Pin present: 'Moods & Noods',Cambridge

DIY Handle Guide:

Coming This Spring, 19.jpg

ComingSpring DIY guide is proudly to be presented in the Cambridge Cult 'Cleanse' issue as one of the cleansing guides.

For more other guides, download your own copy here or check out our video guides below.

Video Guides:

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