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'A New Tomorrow' Assembly


'A Nuclear Future' Installation, UH community service.

A New Tomorrow, 2019

60 air column bags on scaffolding structure, wire mesh panels, contacts mics, H6, speakers, jack adapters, jack cables

8 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft

Access Info: One-way voyeur system of entering and exiting the assembly in-between rooms, a physical experience of being engulfed by the living forms; who responds upon contact.

Status: Active / Alive

Sound: ON 

Sample Sound: Single bag
Oct 2019                                                May-July 2019

Product Distribution Centre:

Pin present:

'Moods & Noods',Cambridge

20190426_155237 copy.jpg

Sound Feature:

Sound Info: Contact mics are placed in the bags to pick up the actions of one stroking it, brushing past it, shaking it and etc, to pick up movements inside and amplifying it without filter. A feedback feature that shows a sign of life, which is raw and lustful as it is the form's response to physical contact.


It is also able to pick the virbations that runs throught the scaffolding structure, which makes up the natural ambient sound radiates from the sculpture itself standing still.

bags (1).png
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