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20180926_144856 copy.jpg

: The studio works are constantly in development, physically and digitally.


The works created are experimented in various of form, which in turns creating other projects outside of its physical form and approach such as SIM, 2018-, Al - Ship, 2018-19, Al - Ship (extension), 2018-,  Dough Rising, 2018  and etc.

: Salt dough is used to make sculpture because of its flexible and manipulatable nature. It is either simply left to form itself (act of rising / hardening) or being manipulated into something (moulding).



I chose this over casting material as it has the ability to 'grow'. It is a living material that dictate itself.

 flour, salt, plastic lace, 2018 

: this is the same dough used for filming Dough Rising, 2018.

After it is completely hardened, it breaks into several parts that are then being developed into a more defined form:

IMG_1567 copy.jpg
IMG_1575 copy.jpg
20181029_123342 copy.jpg
20181019_121354 copy.jpg
IMG_20190113_141841_606 copy.jpg

 (still) amazing  glaze , 2018

I started experimenting with forced texture on salt dough and testing on trying to create a fluid effect by also baking it so the glaze would melt in a high temperature, and becomes a clear gloss.

20181019_122201 copy.jpg

installation view

 Al - Ship Article, 2018

algenate shot.jpg

Al - Ship video still

This piece of work is a development from the Al - Ship series , starts with the filming of the extension footage.


The alginate is sealed with heat around it in a plastic bag to preserve the entirety of its content and appearance. Sealing it is keeping it at its 'prime' stage and keeping it alive, rather than letting the alginate developed into its final stage.

20181017_185129 copy.jpg
20181009_125228 copy.jpg

cubicle dough, 2018-

This is a leftover dough from filming the SIM, 2018- project that rises over the weekend when it is left wrapping in a plastic sheet/

: The sides are the result of the dough rises and overspilled to the outside of the plastic sheet.


: When it is left longer, the dough inside the plastic is trapped by the hardened overspilled dough but the bottom remained to be wet and became mouldy.

20181017_183551 copy.jpg
20181015_130452 copy.jpg

: then I tried to apply a 'filter' onto it to try to enhance the body of dough that s trapped inside /

20181015_130449 copy.jpg
20181015_130500 copy.jpg
birthing pod, 2018-

: this is a continuous development from the previous expanded dough, where it is moved into a 'viewing box' made by prismatic plastic

20181017_190208 copy.jpg
20190118_165124 copy.jpg
20190118_164959 copy.jpg
20190118_165018 copy.jpg
dough in box.jpg
dough box 2.jpg

untitled, 2018

20181102_182106 copy.jpg

Untitled, 2018

oil, dough, expanding foam

20190116_090429 copy.jpg

Coming This Spring, A New Tomorrow 

wip, 2018-


These are trials that I have done for building a large scale structure in semester B to ensure the material is right for securing the liquid inside.


Different materials and method are used to prevent the content from leaking such as sealing it with heat and using an additional layer in the air column bag.

20181108_133810 copy.jpg
20181108_133840 copy.jpg
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